Ho Chi Minh City is the remnant of French Saigon.

French cafe culture is rooted in the city and is everywhere.

Many buildings from the French era remain in the central district of Ho Chi Minh City, which is a tourist attraction.

Introducing the Ben Thanh Market.


It is about 15 to 20 minutes straight from Prostyle Hotel Ho Chi Minh on Le Thanh Thong Road.

If you come to Ho Chi Minh City, please be sure to stop by at least once.


Ben Thanh Market is said to be a historical market that dates back to the 1800s.

At that time, there were many rivers and waterways in the city, and luggage was transported by boat, and when crossing the river, it was a boat instead of a bridge.

Ben Than means the place to go to the castle, and it is said that it was named the Ben Than market in the market near the place to go to the castle.

The current Ben Thanh market was built in the 1914 French Indochina era and was renovated in 1950, and the building has a history of over 100 years.

Unlike other colonial architectures, it is unusual that there is a clock tower that can be seen from all sides.

Ben Thanh Market is one of the leading markets in Asia, where individual shops are crowded together with small spaces and the number is 2,000 and the number of visitors per day is about 10,000.

We sell daily necessities, meat and fish, groceries, souvenirs, etc. There are countless food and drink stalls.

Among them, there are different faces depending on the time, and in the morning market, ordinary Vietnamese people and shops come to buy ingredients and eat breakfast.


Morning market at Ben Thanh Market. This street is a market centered on vegetables and fish. There are few people during the virus period, but the morning market is crowded with many Vietnamese people.


After that, mainly shops for tourists.

From around 19:00, a night market (night market) filled with Asian common goods and food stalls is held every day.



At Ben Thanh Market, you can also buy Vietnamese souvenirs such as basket bags, plastic bags and sandals.
The photo is for reference: Prostyle Ho Chi Minh’s original Souvenir shop. Popular with women.


Ben Thanh Market is also a great spot for sightseeing with the history and passion of Asia.

Ben Thanh Market

Address: Cho Ben Thanh. Quan1, Ben Nghe. Ho Chi Minh.


15 minute walk to Le Thanh Thong Road to Ben Thanh Market.
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