Vietnam lunch will start on September 17th (Thursday).
The concept is fresh vegetables x Vietnamese food that you can easily eat
This lunch is especially recommended for those who feel that they are short of vegetables and who are careful about their health and beauty.

At the same time, we will start the 1st anniversary promotion.
Monday-Friday 11: 30-13: 30, located on the 11th floor of Professional Style Hotel Ho Chi Minh.
When you come for the first time, we will inform you so please speak to the reception and hall staff.




You can choose from 5 types of daily menus.
We serve chicken, shrimp, pork, beef and fish dishes.

During the 1st anniversary promotion, it will be 89,000 vnd (including VAT).

Steamed chicken lime leaves
Deep-fried sakura shrimp
Deep-fried red sea bream and mango sauce
Kakuni pork flavored with black pepper
Steamed banana and shellfish
Minced meat omelet

Deep-fried chicken thigh with bone in plum sauce
Shrimp sour sauce
Deep-fried fish with sweet acid sauce
Fried short ribs
Steamed pork leg
Beef black pepper sauce

Teriyaki chicken
Deep-fried pork rose and sakura shrimp
Deep-fried fish with sweet acid sauce
Kakuni pork
Steamed eggplant and pork roses
Stir-fried beef

Deep-fried chicken thigh with bone in plum sauce
Fried shrimp pepper marinade
Stewed red tail catfish and galangal
Fried short ribs
Lemongrass fried pork rose
Stir-fried onion and celery beef

Steamed chicken lime leaves
Shrimp sour sauce
Stewed snakehead
Grilled ribs with bone
Steamed pork
Chinese style tofu

サラダバー プロスタイルサラダバー

We also have a salad bar at lunchtime.

There are also stir-fried vegetables and boiled vegetables.

We also have many dressings, sauces, and soups here, so please enjoy them together.

Coffee and tea are also available.


Lunch promotion




Thank you for visiting us despite the suddenness.


Lunch opening hours: 11: 30-13: 30

5 kinds of daily dishes + rice

A salad bar is available.

Drinks such as various salads, soups, coffee

* Business hours may change after seeing the promotion.


TEL:028 3827 2838