-After the Sake event from Yamanashi prefecture, Japan-
Surprisingly, Japanese sake was very popular with the Vietnamese staying at the hotel, and I was surprised that many people bought it all at once.
I was able to feel the possibility that sake will spread to Ho Chi Minh City in the future.

Since he is from Yamanashi prefecture, the Consul General of Japan, Ho Chi Minh City, participated this time.
Yamanashi Prefecture’s agricultural products are said to be best served with the abundant natural waters of the Southern Alps.
There were other reasons as well. The longest daylight hours in Japan, the rich soil,
And above all, it seems that the climate with a large temperature difference between day and night is suitable for growing delicious crops including rice.

This time we held an event with sake, but of course fruits and wine,
There are also brands such as Koshu beef, Koshu wine beef, Fujizakura pork and Koshu local chicken.
I learned that there are many delicious foods, so if I have another chance, I would like to have an event with Yamanashi prefecture’s special products.

Thank you for your participation in the new year.